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Louisiana Rehabilitation Council


Louisiana Rehabilitation Council (LRC): Listen to the concerns of those with disability issues Review analyze, and evaluate the state rehabilitation program. Collaborate with other state agencies, organizations, and consumer groups.

The Louisiana Rehabilitation Council was established in compliance with federal regulations governing the Rehabilitation Act (P.L. 102-569).  The LRC works with Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS) to ensure the involvement of individuals with disabilities in the development and delivery of vocational rehabilitation services to Louisianans with disabilities.

The LRC consults with and advises LRS on the performance of its responsibilities under Title I of the Rehabilitation Act, particularly in the areas related to eligibility, extent, and scope of services provided.  The Council also conducts a review and analysis of the effectiveness of, and consumer satisfaction with, rehabilitation services.  An annual report is prepared to reflect the Council’s work and the Council’s perception of the status of the rehabilitation program in Louisiana.

Recommendations for appointment by the Governor to the LRC are obtained from representatives of a broad range of individuals, including persons with disabilities; service providers, disability advocates; and representatives from business, industry, and labor.  A majority of the membership of LRC must be individuals with disabilities.

If you would like to be considered for membership on the Council or would like more information about the LRC, you can contact Kandy Baker 1-800-737-2958 or 225-219-2225.  Her email address is kbaker@lwc.la.gov

Certified Vocational Specialist

State Certified Vocational Specialist, (CVS)

Certified Vocational Specialsts in Louisiana are specially trained people who provide State-funded and Private Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluation for people with disabilities.  Vocational Evaluation is a profession.  There are college education and Master's Degree programs offered in Vocational Evaluation. One critical characteristic  that sets Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluators apart from Career Evaluators is that we are familiar with medical, social, psychological, and other aspects regarding people with disabilities.  We are accountable for selecting appropriate tests and work samples and/or situational assessments to measure clients' interests and aptitudes.  We make accommodations and document it.  We use assistive technology when necessary.  We retest with another instrument when necessary.  We make descriptive behavioral observations.  Some of us acquire additional training and/or certifications to use specific instruments in vocational evaluation.  CVS establishes the professional criteria that an invidual providing vocational evaluations or job readiness, etc. has met that the qualificaitons to provide those services.


Professional Vocational Evaluation Registry

Given that people can no longer acquire the CVE designation, VEWAA and VECAP worked together to develop a new credential.  It isn't a certification, but a registry.  Information about the Registry of Professional Vocational Evaluators is now available through 

Contact Beth Grosskopf for more information: bgrosskopf@lwc.la.gov 

Certified Vocational Evaluator

LA Vocational Evaluation

and Work Adjustment Association

LA-VEWAA is a professional division of the National Rehabilitation Association

The mission of VEWAA remains to improve and advance the fields of vocational evaluation and work readiness and is committed to representing the needs of all professionals who provide related services.

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President: Joyce Vassar bjlv25@yahoo.com
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Vacant
CVS Chair: Beth Grosskopf bgrosskopf@lwc.la.gov  
Past Board Member: Jeff Peterson jeff@jp-a.com 
Past Board Member: Alo Dutta alodutta1992@aol.com 

Certified Vocational Specialist